“After several months of NeuroMovement classes and some one-on-one sessions, the pain in my neck is reduced by at least 75% and I haven’t had a migraine headache for months. My posture has completely changed, and I have a much higher energy level and brighter outlook for the future.”

~ Colette (brain hemorrhage)

The stability in my walking is amazing to me. I’m certain it’s coming from the new awareness of my right foot- particularly the bone that runs down the right side of my foot. It was more present then it has been since my hemorrhage in October 15, 2012. I was walking almost completely normal and […]

~John, after a parent/child weekend-intensive (age 10, CP, autism)

“I look forward to figuring out how to get on the table more myself. As for Mr. Marlow – he really likes coming to your lessons. Now I more fully understand. The most observable benefit is his confidence. For example, he tries to self-care and move through tasks with less frustration. The book (Kids Beyond […]

Cynthia (senior)

“Learning through movement under your dedicated guidance has been a life changing experience. I’ve experienced chronic back pain for several decades, which included a continuous clenching effect of the neck and shoulders. My right shoulder had become painful and useless enough to require learning to use the left arm only. Shoulder surgery and pain pills […]

~ Chris

“When I first started ABM I had trouble just getting to the ground, getting back up was an adventure. After a little over 1 year I now have several methods of getting to my back for a scan. I can also get to standing with little or no pain. With R A (rheumatoid arthritis) as […]