Our Team

We are teaming up to provide services together in LA. Coming from different backgrounds each of our practitioners has a different style and  brings  new variations to potentiate your learning. We are available beyond our weekend events on individual basis.

Birgit Jung-Schmitt

Anat Baniel Method® NeuroMovement® Practitioner in Ventura County, California.

Advanced Certifications:
ABM NeuroMovement® for Children with Special Needs
ABM NeuroMovement® for Vitality & Anti-Aging

Since she began giving ABM lessons in 2013, Birgit has worked with a wide range of clients in terms of age, challenges, and interests: babies, little kids, teenagers, and adults all the way up into their 80’s. Among her clients are musicians and athletes, yoga students and teachers, dancers, children with developmental and physical challenges, especially challenges in learning and focusing, and individuals who suffered brain injury or a stroke.

Growing up in Germany, Birgit spent her school years riding horses, playing piano, and avoiding her homework for Latin class. Even though she loves nothing more than learning, school was not her thing. Early on she was much more interested in figuring things out for herself and made a career of it: first as an artist—making the impossible possible, at least on paper—and then as a yoga student and teacher—discovering that she could connect to people other than artists and that, surprise, she loves teaching. Now as a fulltime ABM practitioner, she once again is into making the seemingly impossible possible, but this time for real!

Discovering ABM pulled together many of the threads of her life. Through ABM, she is able to teach and creatively assist clients in figuring out for themselves how to make their next steps. In addition to her teaching, Birgit stays deeply engaged with ABM as a member of the support staff of the professional training programs and by organizing workshops to introduce Anat in Arizona and Southern California.

Birgit is looking forward to assisting you and/or your child in creating a life with greater freedom, happiness, and new possibilities for action.

NeuroMovement Weekends and Intensives in Burbank, Ojai and Ventura. Private lessons and Group Classes in Ventura.

Contact Info
Birgit Jung-Schmitt
Home office in Midtown Ventura, CA

Email: birgit@brainlliant.com
Cell: 520-369-5460

Amber Schneider

Anat Baniel Method® NeuroMovement® Practitioner in Santa Clarita, California.

Advanced Certifications:
ABM NeuroMovement® for Children with Special Needs

Amber graduated from basic training in the Anat Baniel Method in 2015. As she increased her skills, she became certified to work with children with special needs in October of 2016. Amber currently enjoys working with both children and adults looking to overcome limitations impacting their ability to live a full life whether rooted in physical, cognitive and/or emotional causes.

As a professional actor with years of experience in the industry from a very young age, Amber became a master observer of people and their differences. Fascinated by the concept of individual differences in the way we walk, talk, think and move through our environment. Amber also explored movement during her high school years as a dancer at Booker T. Washington High School for the Performing and Visual Arts in Dallas, Texas. Amber’s journey really began when her oldest son was diagnosed on the autism spectrum. It was through her tireless efforts trying to help him that she discovered the Anat Baniel Method. As she researched ways to help her son, she became more and more interested in human development and how the brain learns to do its job. The more research she did, the more she realized that movement was a big part of the puzzle. After thoroughly investigating several movement based approaches, she found the only approach that seemed to be backed up by hard science and correlated with the way we naturally develop.

Amber is excited to work with both families and individuals using her skill set as both a mother of a special needs child and her studies with Anat. Her goal is to support development and growth not only with her expertise in ABM, but also by helping her clients and their families use the principals and nine essentials in their everyday life to continue seeing improvement even after lessons.

NeuroMovement Weekends and Intensives in Burbank. Private lessons and Group Classes in Santa Clarita.

Home office: Santa Clarita
E-mail: amber@brainlliant.com

Linda Tazberikova

Anat Baniel Method® NeuroMovement® Practitioner in Los Angeles County, in La Verne, California.

Advanced Certifications:
Currently in ABM NeuroMovement® for Children with Special Needs Training 

“The Anat Baniel Method is not limited to lessons and those certain times and places. For me, it is a way to live LIFE. To thrive. To see all the colors.  The limitless possibilities of the brain to change itself for the better amaze me every time I see a client change before my eyes. Everybody’s door to a better life without pain and limitations is open forever. We have brilliant brains.”

Before Linda started giving ABM lessons in 2016 (first as a student and now as a practitioner) she has been exploring other approaches how to communicate with the brain. With MA in languages from Matei Bel University in Slovakia she was interested in researching how language and mentality impact who we are. Growing up in 5 countries of the world and speaking four languages shaped her interest in the brain. She has spent several years teaching foreign languages in Europe using brainwave entrainment, a way to alter brain’s operating frequencies to promote better learning and memory. Next she developed a successful career as a graphic artist and art director, mainly focusing on holistic health topics accessing people’s brains with art to make their lives better. She herself became a very deeply involved health enthusiast and promoter with experience in bio-medical treatment and gut healing in the most natural and effective ways.

It was not until she became a mom and looked for help to overcome her son’s challenges that she discovered what Anat Baniel calls is the language of the brain – movement. The impact of ABM on upgrading our brains is beyond any expectations.  She is thrilled to speak ABM today and assist her clients in discovering unimaginable possibilities with this cutting-edge, science based approach for themselves.

Interesting facts: Experienced self-induced open-eye hypnosis child birth; short-distance runner and long jumper; dancer; moved chicken coop without injuries.

NeuroMovement Weekends and Intensives in Burbank. Private lessons in La Verne and San Dimas.

Contact Info:
Linda Tazberikova

Email: linda@brainlliant.com
Cell: 805-708-9780