Anat Baniel Method NeuromovementⓇ

Improve the quality of your life by upgrading your brain with Neuromovement®

The Anat Baniel Method® NeuroMovement® recognizes the key role of movement in the development and healthy functioning of the brain and takes advantage of the brain’s amazing ability to grow new neural connections at any time in life. With its innovative NeuroMovement® lessons and neuroplasticity tools it creates the conditions for this process to happen and gives students the opportunity to explore and form new and more refined patterns for action and thinking. It helps many people to overcome pain and limitation and opens the doors to new possibilities.


How does it work?

Movement is at the basis of any action we do and part of any experience we have. Movement means change and provides a rich opportunity to perceive differences. By bringing attention to our movement, to what we do and how it feels, movement becomes a rich source of information for the brain that it uses to create something new. Each perception of a difference, of some kind of change, of something new, is “food” for the brain, and is the material the brain uses to form new solutions and upgrade itself.

NeuroMovement® teacher guides the students to focus on how they move, become aware of what they do and feel, and gently introduces new movement possibilities to the student in two ways:

  • Verbally (TML group lessons or part of one-on-one lessons)
  • Through gentle touch (FS one-on-one lessons)

Through novelty, variation, reducing the speed and intensity, and other brain plasticity principles, the method provides the conditions the brain needs brain to wake up and perceive differences in all dimensions, giving it the information it needs to map the body, and evolve a person’s ability to think, feel, move, and organize action better.

When the brain can do its job better, everything improves—physical performance levels, cognitive abilities, creativity, and social skills. And we are happier too!

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