Birgit Jung-Schmitt

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Anat Baniel Method® NeuroMovement® Practitioner in Ventura County, California.

Advanced Certifications:
ABM NeuroMovement® for Children with Special Needs
ABM NeuroMovement® for Vitality & Anti-Aging

Since she began giving ABM lessons in 2013, Birgit has worked with a wide range of clients in terms of age, challenges, and interests: babies, little kids, teenagers, and adults all the way up into their 80’s. Among her clients are musicians and athletes, children—many of them on the autism spectrum—who are facing challenges in their ability to learn and move, and individuals who suffered brain injury, concussion, or stroke.

Growing up in Germany, Birgit spent her school years riding horses, playing piano, and avoiding her homework for Latin class. Even though she loves nothing more than learning, school was not her thing. Early on she was much more interested in figuring things out for herself and made a career of it: first as an artist—making the impossible possible, at least on paper—and then as a yoga teacher—discovering that she could connect to people other than artists and that, surprise, she loves teaching. Now as a fulltime ABM practitioner, she once again makes the seemingly impossible possible, but this time for real!

Discovering ABM pulled together many of the threads of her life. Through ABM, she is able to teach and creatively assist clients in figuring out for themselves how to make their next steps. In addition to her teaching, Birgit stays deeply engaged with ABM as a member of the staff of Anat Baniel’s training programs and by organizing workshops to introduce Anat in Arizona and Southern California.