Single Lessons

One-on-one lessons for infants through adults. Each lesson is 100% customized for the client. The purpose is to provide an opportunity for the client to discover and experience new possibilities for movement and thinking and optimize the learning process in general.

Single lessons are most appropriate for new clients. However, to really see if the NeuroMovement approach will help, very often more than one lesson is needed. We highly recommend doing a minimum of two lessons.

The lessons are up to 45-minutes long. For children often the lessons have to be shorter to not be stressful or exhausting. Part of the time will be used coaching clients in what they can do at home.


We are offering weekend intensives in two locations: Burbank & Ojai.  Over the course of the two days the child/adult will receive four to five lessons from usually more than one practitioner. A series of lessons is most appropriate for people who want to experience the accelerated progress that grouping lessons can bring. Generally, lessons are more helpful when they are given close to one another. At our weekends we have two options:

  1. Intensive: Four 30-minute lessons for one client. One lesson in the morning and one in the afternoon for both Saturday and Sunday.
  2. Parent/Child Intensive: Four 30-minute lessons for the child and two additional lessons for the parents (mom or one each). One lesson in the morning and one in the afternoon for both Saturday and Sunday.

We are offering the option of longer intensives by request.

Free Presentation

Our  NeuroMovement weekends include a free presentation with an experiential group class and time for Q&A. This takes place on Sundays at noon. Anybody interested in learning more about NeuroMovement for themselves or to help somebody else is invited. We have limited space, so it is crucial to let us know if you plan to attend the presentation.

Make sure you wear comfortable clothing.

To schedule lessons and/or sign up for the presentation