Sacred geometry at the beginning of the universe and human consciousness

Observations in 1998 showed that the universe’s ability to expand is speeding up (awarded Nobel price in 2011), not slowing down as the common belief proposed in the 1920s. The best explanation scientists currently have is through repulsive gravity. It is now believed that the universe is filled with a uniform field of energy, called dark energy.

Mathematics and Alber Einstein’s equations have proven to be a great guide to follow in these observations. And what if I told you that everything in the universe is explainable through geometry? And to be even more specific, the Flower of Life. How so? Let’s back up a little bit.


  1. What is the Big Bang theory
  2. Beginning of Geometry
  3. Movement
  4. Expansion
  5. Conclusion

1. What is the Big Bang theory

The Universe is everything. It is space, time, and life. The most widely accepted theory among scientists about how it was created is the Big Bang Theory. It is based on the belief that everything once began with a single hot and infinitely dense point. This point was only a few millimeters wide and similar to a supercharged black hole. About 13.8 billion years ago, this tiny, dense fireball filled with what is believed an enormous amount of repulsive gravitational force violently expanded in a matter of just seconds. And this was the bang from which all the time, energy, matter, and space were created.

Almost instantly, one single compressed point of nothingness within nothingness initiated movement and expanded into everything we perceive as the universe today. According to one of the theories, the sudden change occurred in a very chaotic environment with temperature fluctuations. At a certain point, the energies around the white point perfectly aligned and flattened. And this would explain how this region explosively inflated at a speed of 10-36 s not observable by the human eye at all. Let’s zoom in on this one a little.

Universe rapidly expanded during the Inflationary Epoch

To put it into perspective, what followed right after is what we know today as a series of Epochs – the Inflationary Epoch marking the time of incomprehensible growth and expansion which has not stopped to this day.

  • Is this cosmological show of universe expansion infinite?
  • Are there other Big Bangs happening?
  • Are there other cosmological regions duplicating our universe and creating a parallel reality?
  • Are parallel realities out there identical or come with certain minor differences – is your name the same in the other worlds?

As CRAZY and sci-fi as this sounds, this is not a fantasy of an overtired theoretician but a result of decades-long analysis of precise mathematical equations of forward-thinking scientists worthy of our attention.

2. Beginning of Geometry

First, there was a single compressed point of nothingness within nothingness.

Everything was compressed into a single point of all unity

At the beginning of the universe, we were all one in other words we all come from the same source. As a side note, both science and religion are uniform in this belief. This tiny dot is often referred to as the Spirit.

3. Movement

When Spirit expanded its consciousness, it created a sphere around itself. This enabled movement of the point within this circle.

“Spirit” expanded its consciousness around itself and formed a sphere.

The Spirit then moved towards the edge of the sphere and in that point repeats what it did the first time. It creates a new circle around itself and expands in size.

The Vesica Piscis

image made up of two spheres is known as the vesica piscis. Withn the Vesica Piscis is an incredible amount of knowledge about proportion, depth, width. It also shows the square roots of two, three, and five and so on. Importatnly, it contains geometric information about light.

4. Expansion

It flawlessly moves around the first circle in exact circle radius increments and keeps on forming more circles and expanding.

Each time Spirit creates a new sphere exactly a radius away.

When 6 circles are created, the first complete image called the Seed of Life of the Genesis of Life is formed.

The first complete image is the Seed of Life.

Then the process continues and grows into a second full geometrical shape – The Flower of Life. This shape was known to humanity since ancient times. It was found in Ireland, China, Turkey, Greece, Germany, India, and Iceland. Further records show indications of these images also in Yukatan, England, Tibet, and probably 20 other places.

The Flower of Life

And note this. On the first day, there was movement and a new circle was formed. This didn’t just create vast knowledge of mathematical proportions but also Light.

Ligh creation


And the earth was without form and void; and darkness was upon the face of the deep. And the spirit of god moved upon the face of the waters. And god said, let there be light; and there was light.

These patterns and similarities are found across all religions, cultures, and science. But it does not belong to any race or religion. These are patterns that are intimately connected with Nature.


Source: Produced by Tobi Tazberik (12 years old) for Brainlliant

While countless questions about the origin of the universe remain, it is only a matter of time for the answers to emerge and be scientifically validated. What we can say today though, is that intriguingly everything in the world can be explained through sacred geometry. The Flower of Life is present in every single thing in our world.

The balancing effects of these symmetric symbols based on exact mathematical principles take us onto an extraordinary journey to oneness, connectedness, and love every time we tap into it. Uncovering these connections offers valid explanations for why humanity has always been attracted to what became known as Sacred Geometry.

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